made in 2013: last two

I wanna share two more layouts from my 2013 album. The first one is simple, but I’m very fond of it because of what it says: I love adventure!  I really loved that doilies sheet and kept it for a long time before finally using it :


The second one shows a few pictures from my friend Rossana’s Bachelorette photo-shoot party and was inspired by this video of Shimelle Laine at Two Peas in a Bucket: 4×6 photo love: August . Two Peas has closed but luckily the videos are still available on Shimelle’s YouTube channel! The layout is composed of one 12×12 page and two 12×8 pages, with the protector pages sewed together. When closed, it looks like this:


And when open:




made in 2013: Harry Potter Studio Tour

In 2013 I was so lucky to visit The Making of Harry Potter WB Studio Tour, near London. You can imagine how thrilled I was, I took more than 700 photos! And I tasted butterbeer (which I didn’t like, but who cares: it’s butterbeer!) I also bought chocolate frogs, chocolate wands, bertie bott’s every flavour beans (which have really weird flavours), sugar quills and more things from the shop. I deeply regret not buying a time turner…

First layout shows the special bus that took us from the train station to the studio location, and the second the entrance of the studio tour. I decided to share these two layouts, and not more layouts that show the inside of the tour, because I used the Simple Stories Say Cheese collection: that collection was made for using with Disneyland pictures, but what could be more magic than Harry Potter? So I thought it would be nice to see it used for Harry Potter!



Just one about the inside: the potion classroom:


And the shop. The shop is HUGE, and has anything you can think about, replicas of almost anything you see in the movies, it was so painful not to buy everything! In the layout I opened one of the boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and glued it to the page!


made in 2013: three from Ireland

This is my favorite photo from my Ireland vacation: that place (near Kylemore Abbey) looked so enchanted, I was almost expecting fairies to pop out from behind the trees…


Then two layouts made with Glitz Finnley collection, about two places that I always tend to visit while traveling: local museums and… local theaters!



made in 2013: Here and Now

In 2013 I fell in love with the Here and Now collection by Echo Park and its bright colors and cute design! I loved it so much that after using and finishing every single inch of it, I bought other two packs 😀 And I used all of those too, I have only a few stickers left! And I even bought the digital edition as well, so that I could print more elements home! My favorite sheets were the pink chevron and the yellow one with feathers!  I picked a few layouts to share:

One layout that depicts my love for Harry Potter (also gold glitter!):


My lovely multicolored sandals, and pink nails! I put a little gem in each camera, just to make things more shiny 😀


Next, when my sister and I got a matching tattoo:

Matching Tattoo

This is the tattoo by the way (I’m the big one):


The next layout requires some explanation. I had found on Pinterest  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, revisited to add wifi as the most basic human need, and it made me laugh because I spend so much time connected that I really don’t know if I could live without it. But you never know how much true that is, until you are in a foreign country with no internet connection and no possibility to activate it! I kept wandering with my phone around like a dowser looking for water, hoping to find some wifi to connect to, and the only place that never let me down was McDonald’s. So I kept stopping in front of every McDonald’s I walked by, sometimes I entered and had something to eat or drink, but I couldn’t possibly eat fried chicken every two hours, so I usually just stayed outside, near the door where I could still reach the connection! When I came back home I looked for the Maslow’s image on pinterest again and printed it: I had to make a layout about the time spent outside McDonald’s! And here it is:


Next, a layout using the cute multicolored clouds paper, about when I decided to use small bags instead of huge I-carry-my-house-around ones:


And finally, I layout about my reckless sister:


made in 2013: some travel layouts

In 2013 I did a lot of travel scrap. The following pages are made with Simple Stories Urban Traveler collection and are taken from my Ireland/UK vacation album.

Album’s opening page: the perfect weather allowed me to take a photo of the Alps from the plane! Photos from the plane always look amazing, don’t you agree?


At the airport, waiting for check-in to open. Love the ‘keep calm and travel on card’!


Sometimes I like to do layouts without photos, maybe I have a story but not a picture, maybe It’s just cute that way. In this case I had plenty of pictures, but to make things different, I used a tourist map of London with one of the Simple Stories overlays:


The next layout is in another album (my yearly album) and I used the same picture with the bags packed. You may notice my Accessorize weekender, I adore anything Accessorize, I’m truly addicted 🙂


I did some pocket pages to keep a quick summary of my travel in my yearly album:




made in 2012: a few more

I want to share a few more layouts from 2012:

One of my favorite ever:


a dinner with friends:


my little sister attending flower power day at school:


My sister and I on Christmas day:


made in 2012: two epitaphs

In 2012 I made two epitaph pages: one for my red touchscreen point and shoot camera, which was so pretty and I loved, but it sadly broke after a few months I had purchased it (and the manufacturer substituted it with a black one, which is nowhere near as pretty as the red one). The second is to my Blockbuster’s, which has closed its doors after 15 years of activity, 15 years in which I rented almost anything they had to rent, it was one of my favorite places and it was so sad to see the sign on the door “closed forever”. Now I don’t rent movies anymore, now I download tv-series. Always substitute your addiction with another.

Red Camera rh

I have printed the logo and used it as a pocket to include my membership card.