made in 2012: let’s start with me

For my very first layouts, I used pictures that were ready available in the house: pictures of me as a child, of course!

This first layout was inspired by one of Shimelle‘s sketches. To be honest, when I took my first steps in the scrapbooking realm, I used to live on her blog, and also on two peas in a bucket (I’m so sorry it closed!) Much of what I did in 2012 was inspired by her blog, I don’t remember now which layouts exactly, just go check her blog!


For this layout I had sewn together different stripes of paper, and also sewn a stripe of lace on one of them.


This third layout was inspired by an art exhibition about pop art I had attended. Now I think I should have printed the third picture in yellow or green, and not black and white, but it’s ok, it looks fun anyway!

Pop Art1

And finally a fourth layout! I was unsure to share this or not, because in the first picture I look so UGLY! But I love the “glad game” concept and I’m a brave person, so I will go on and share it! A little explanation: I’ve always been playing the glad game, since I was a little child, it’s spontaneous, I don’t have to think about it, don’t hate me but I see the bright side of things. But I’m human and sometimes something happens that makes me really unhappy, then I have to play the game on purpose, it’s ok, I always win in the end ;P The two pictures were taken at a two or three hours distance, before and after the game. One thing I’ve learned from this layout is that sadness makes me really ugly!


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