made in 2013: Here and Now

In 2013 I fell in love with the Here and Now collection by Echo Park and its bright colors and cute design! I loved it so much that after using and finishing every single inch of it, I bought other two packs 😀 And I used all of those too, I have only a few stickers left! And I even bought the digital edition as well, so that I could print more elements home! My favorite sheets were the pink chevron and the yellow one with feathers!  I picked a few layouts to share:

One layout that depicts my love for Harry Potter (also gold glitter!):


My lovely multicolored sandals, and pink nails! I put a little gem in each camera, just to make things more shiny 😀


Next, when my sister and I got a matching tattoo:

Matching Tattoo

This is the tattoo by the way (I’m the big one):


The next layout requires some explanation. I had found on Pinterest  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, revisited to add wifi as the most basic human need, and it made me laugh because I spend so much time connected that I really don’t know if I could live without it. But you never know how much true that is, until you are in a foreign country with no internet connection and no possibility to activate it! I kept wandering with my phone around like a dowser looking for water, hoping to find some wifi to connect to, and the only place that never let me down was McDonald’s. So I kept stopping in front of every McDonald’s I walked by, sometimes I entered and had something to eat or drink, but I couldn’t possibly eat fried chicken every two hours, so I usually just stayed outside, near the door where I could still reach the connection! When I came back home I looked for the Maslow’s image on pinterest again and printed it: I had to make a layout about the time spent outside McDonald’s! And here it is:


Next, a layout using the cute multicolored clouds paper, about when I decided to use small bags instead of huge I-carry-my-house-around ones:


And finally, I layout about my reckless sister:


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