made in 2013: Harry Potter Studio Tour

In 2013 I was so lucky to visit The Making of Harry Potter WB Studio Tour, near London. You can imagine how thrilled I was, I took more than 700 photos! And I tasted butterbeer (which I didn’t like, but who cares: it’s butterbeer!) I also bought chocolate frogs, chocolate wands, bertie bott’s every flavour beans (which have really weird flavours), sugar quills and more things from the shop. I deeply regret not buying a time turner…

First layout shows the special bus that took us from the train station to the studio location, and the second the entrance of the studio tour. I decided to share these two layouts, and not more layouts that show the inside of the tour, because I used the Simple Stories Say Cheese collection: that collection was made for using with Disneyland pictures, but what could be more magic than Harry Potter? So I thought it would be nice to see it used for Harry Potter!



Just one about the inside: the potion classroom:


And the shop. The shop is HUGE, and has anything you can think about, replicas of almost anything you see in the movies, it was so painful not to buy everything! In the layout I opened one of the boxes of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and glued it to the page!


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