Where did my summer go?

I know the answer: this summer I really wanted to make some improvement with my studies and, since I was not working, I’ve spent almost two months closed in my room, without going anywhere, with the exception of the supermarket (still needed food after all), making tons of notes and studying, I don’t know how many pens I’ve consumed. And when I stopped and went out again, it was already the end of September! I skipped summer this year… For this layout I’ve used the We Are Family collection by Echo Park with a few vellum elements by Maggie Holmes Open Book collection.Where did my summer go 29wheremysummerwentdet1 29wheremysummerwentdet2 29whenmysummerwentdet3

Digital Divide or How going to class with pen and paper is no different from going with a clay tablet

When I went to school (up to ten years ago), we used to take notes with paper and pen. I had to attend a couple of classes in college this winter, and on the first day I obviously showed up with my dear pen and paper. I wouldn’t have felt any different if I had shown up with a clay tablet: almost all the students were taking notes on computers and ipads, and they were all typing so fast! They also took pictures of the board instead of coping it down! For this page I’ve used the We Are Family collection by Echo Park and two vellum pieces from Maggie Holmes Open Book collection.Digital divide 31digitaldividedet3 31digitaldividedet2 31digitaldividedet1

The neverending story

I’m not talking about the wonderful novel by M. Ende, I’m talking about my neverending story, that is way less wonderful! What is never ending in my life is college: I enrolled many years ago and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but I’m doing other things in the meantime, so it’s ok. For this layout I’ve used the last scraps from the We Are Family collection by Echo Park and some of the vellum pieces from the Open Book collection by Maggie Holmes. The light bulb piece is the reason why I’ve bought the vellum pack, I wish I had more, it’s so cute!The Neverending Story 28neverendingdet1 28neverendingdet3 28neverendingdet2

Premiere Week

This layout features my avatar from the Bitstrips app. This app makes daily comic strips with you and your friends as characters. As you can see, even digital me likes to binge-watch, the only difference is that I would stock on redbull and not coffee… For this page I’ve used paper from the We Are Family collection by Echo Park and a strip of gold glittery Christmas wrapping paper!# premiere week 27premieredet3 27premieredet4 27premieredet1 27premieredet2


I’m also working on a mini album about TV series addiction, I don’t know yet how that will turn out to be 🙂  Who else is watching too many TV series?

Expressions 101

I was complaining with myself lately because, when I look at other people’s pictures, they always have different expressions, while I have only two: I-haven’t-slept-in-a-century and Mona Lisa. That’s why I took these ridiculous selfies at the mirror, I took more than twenty different expressions, then printed just seven of them to make this layout. I know it looks like a silly thing to do but it was also kind of fun! Especially the first on top makes me really laugh…. I’ve used the We Are Family collection by Echo Park.

Expressions 101 24expressionsdet2 24expressionsdet1


Two on dreams

I’m making some changes in my life right now, and it seems fit to make a couple of pages about following dreams. For the first page I’ve added an overlay with PicMonkey to the photo and I’ve used paper and elements from the Good Day Sunshine collection by Simple Stories and one stripe of paper from the We Are Family collection by Echo Park.Follow your dreams 25dreamsdet2 25dreamsdet325dreamsdet1

For the second layout I’ve made a background with watercolors, writing this quote I’m very fond of from H. Hesse: “You must find your dream, then the way becomes easy. But there is no dream that lasts forever, every dream is followed by another and one should not cling to any particular one”. Papers and stickers are from the We Are Family collection.Hermann Hesse 26hessedet3 26hessedet2 26hessedet1

Piazza del Campo and a selfie

And these are the last two pages about my trip in Tuscany. These pictures were taken in Siena. For the first layout I’ve mixed up some Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine with the Shimelle collection.Siena 16Sienadet1   16sienadet3

For the second page I’ve used the Good Day Sunshine collection with sequins and glossy accent.Selfie in Siena 17hellosienadet2 17hellosienadet1 17hellosienadet3