The tooth fairy, the carnival confetti and granny’s tomato sauce

Three more layouts from my childhood with Summer Bliss collection. In these photos I was 5, one from summer, one from autumn, and one from winter.

When I lost my first tooth. This is one of the last layouts I did with the collection and I didn’t have much paper left so I sawed the stripes from the bottom of the paper sheets (the ones next to the brand name) on a square of white paper. I wrote ‘tooth fairy’ because I like it more, but who usually bring gifts/money to Italian children when they lose teeth is a little mouse! Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

A few details: Waiting for the Tooth Fairy det3 Waiting for the Tooth Fairy det4 Waiting for the Tooth Fairy det1 Waiting for the Tooth Fairy det2


Carnival 1988! The background paper is perfect, because it looks exactly as the confetti we throw at people during carnival, and if you look closely at the photos you’ll see that I’m covered in it and that in the first picture I’m holding a large pinch of it in my hand! On the white stripes on the right I’ve printed a funny nursery rhyme about carnival that I learned in first grade and still remember! Carnevale 1987

A few details: Carnevale 1987 det1 Carnevale 1987 det2 Carnevale 1987 det3 Carnevale 1987 det4


And today’s last layout shows a photo from summer 1987, it has bad light, but the memory it holds is very dear to me:  I was making tomato sauce preserve with my grand mother, well, she was making it, I was just helping and watching in awe… She knew how to do a lot of things that looked like magic to a city little girl 🙂 The dark mass on the table is a pile of basil leaves, and my grandma is pushing the leaves into the tomato jars.Granny's Tomato Sauce


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