Welcoming autumn magic

I know, it’s almost winter now, but autumn came really late this year here: on the last week of October I was still using sandals! But then November came and brought autumn, with the usual rain and chilly air. So this week I’ve made two layouts to welcome autumn, my favourite season.

For the first layout I’ve used the Friendly Forest collection by Doodlebug. I wish I had more of this paper with the multicolour little leaves, because I really adore it!47helloautumn 47helloautumndet2 47helloautumndet1

And for the second layout I’ve used November Studio Calico kit and one of the golden vellum paper from Maggie Holmes. 48autumnmagic48autumnmagicdet2  48autumnmagicdet1

One with daddy and one with grandma

Today I’m going to share two layouts made with this month Studio Calico kit showing photos from my childhood. I also added a few vellum pieces from Maggie Holmes.

In the first one you can see a sweet picture of my father and I. As you can imagine I was the typical little girl, always looking for daddy’s cuddles 🙂45bella 45belladet1 45belladet2 45belladet3 45belladet4


In the second layout I was 4, and I was climbing on my grandma’s large shoulders. She was a very patient person, thankfully!  I stitched the title with Amy Tangerine kit (included in one of the Studio Calico add-ons), I wasn’t sure about stitching at first, but I’m happy with the final result so I’m glad I did it 😀 I also love the cute fox badge!46nonna 46nonnadet3 46nonnadet1 46nonnadet2

The Castle

This layout is about one of my favourite places in my city: the Sforza Castle. It’s really a nice place to have a walk and it also has many museums inside! This scrapbook page is my first layout using Studio Calico kits. I used this month scrapbook kit and add-ons: Walden, Concord and Baker Bridge.

44thecastledet1 44thecastledet3 44thecastledet2

The sense of wonder

This layout is about a picture of my sister taken when she was about 10 months. (I was almost a teenager when my sister was born, so I remember perfectly well how she was, and she was adorable :D) In this picture she is amazed by something, I don’t remember what, but her expression of wonder is so beautiful! For the layout I mixed Amy Tangerine Stitched collection with the Shimelle collection, these two collection mix very well and I love them both!

42wonderdet1 42wonderdet3 42wonderdet2 42wonderdet4

An uncle and an aunt

Today I’m going to share two layouts with me as a child with one of my many uncles and aunts. Both layouts are made using Doodlebug Friendly Forest collection.

When I was a child I used to go with my aunt to her house in Trentino, where we would have wonderful walks in the mountains. These two pictures were taken in November 1984, when I was 2 years old and as you can see, I was dressed in red from head to toe. Red has always been my favourite colour!40awalkwithmyaunt 41awalkwithmyauntdet1 41awalkwithmyauntdet2

In the second layout I’m playing with my youngest uncle, he’s only 7 years older than me and somehow it was weird to have an uncle that was a child just like me, not a grown up like the rest of them! This picture is from 1985.39loziobambino 39loziobambinodet1

Photo shoot with my sister

This week I’m going to share more pictures from old times. In this layout I’ve used two pictures from a photo shoot I did with my sister when I was 12 years old and she was just 4 months. She was the cutest little thing and I really cherish these pictures! The paper is from Amy Tangerine Stitched collection. 38you&me 38you&medet3 38you&medet1 38you&medet2

Wonderful things will happen

Have I mentioned I’m totally in love with the new Amy Tangerine collection? This sheet I used as background is so beautiful with those aqua tones and the little hearts on top… it inspired me to do a layout about happy things, so here it is, a layout about how being curious and keeping a happy heart brings wonderful things into our lives 🙂37wonderfulthings 37wonderfulthingsdet1 37wonderfulthingsdet2