Adventure and mouse ears


Two layouts to share today, both made mainly with Studio Calico Cirque kit and about my new job.  It’s been a few months now since I’ve started working in a new shop, and I can tell that there’s always something going on that makes the job more adventurous! For example one day I had to work with a front lamp, because the power in the underground storage room (which is huge and labyrinth-like) was out. For some of my colleagues it was only a nuisance, but I had so much fun, I felt like an explorer in a mysterious cave!  Another day we had to use the blue helmet in the photo, because there were some property renovations that turned our storage room in an underground construction site!





In this shop they like us to wear party accessories or to have an eccentric look in general. I totally love this, I like extravagance, so for the last weeks I’ve been working with… mouse ears!!! Here I am:




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