I have only a couple of pages left to share about my Interrail trip to Spain in 2001, then I’ll go back to everyday life! It was not my intention to scrap for so long about just one topic (or to use only one collection) but I had waited so long to scrap these pictures for the already mentioned reasons (old film pictures with no backup) that once I had finally decided myself to start I wasn’t able to stop!

Santiago was different from the rest of the vacation because I went there on my own, solo. That day I was in Vigo with my travel companions but they had decided to spend the day on the beach, and I really don’t like sunbathing, so I just took a train and went to Santiago on my own, spent the day there and then went back to Vigo and met my friends to take another train to somewhere else (yes, that’s Interrail!) What I like about this story is that I was already showing signs of how I really like to travel: alone!

For this page I’ve used (guess what) Amy Tangerine’s Rise and Shine collection, in particular I have used my favorite piece: the transparency with multicolored mandalas! I also added some gems and shiny blue star sequins and I really like how it turned out!





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