I am loving life


I’ve finally started using the gorgeous I Am collection by Simple Stories! It has been sitting on my desk for a few months now, but I knew I would have loved it! I’ve made a few layouts in a row and I’m now saving some of it to make a mini album.

The first page in this I Am series that I am sharing is my favorite page with this collection so far! In this layout I’m dressed up for work on carnival day: I work in a shop where we are encouraged to use funny accessories and I really don’t make them say it twice! So that day was giant glasses and wonky mini witch hat!

The stamp (‘she leaves a sparkle wherever she goes’) is from an old Jillibean set, the rest of the supplies are all Simple Stories I Am.

62Iamlovinglife 62Iamlovinglifedet3 62Iamlovinglifedet1

Forever Young


My parents are 55 years old but sometimes they just forget it and play like children! This picture was taken on Lake Como this spring and, as  you can see, my father is running on the beach with my mother on his shoulders! I must then act like the parent and worry that they hurt themselves! Naturally I’m very glad that they have fun like this!

I wanted the layout to look as playful as the photo, so I’ve used this colorful add-on from Studio Calico’s June kits, which includes: papers from Maggie Holmes’ Confetti and Echo Park’s Sunny Days Ahead; bobby pin and round pink tag from Dear Lizzy’s Fine and Dandy; pink dots by Doodlebug: the gold doily and the stamps. I also added the sun and the balloons from Simple Stories’ Summer Vibes.





Venice, the canal grande


Another pic of Venice has found its place in my album!  This one is a shot of Canal Grande, Venice’s main channel, from one of the bridges. The weather was extraordinary and everything looked magical! For this page I’ve used papers and embellishments from Crate Paper’s Poolside, and the gold alpha from the Odyssey Studio Calico kit.



The whimsical earplugs


I like my earplugs whimsical and bizarre. It’s one little obsession I’ve had for years now. I have had different kinds of cupcakes, stars, hearts, flowers, bolts, and others. I’ve made two layouts to document my two most recent sets: one with rainbow unicorns and one with strawberries! It would be interesting to find them in the shape of movie tickets or popcorn!

The first layout shows the unicorns ones and is made with the Enchanted collection by Simple Stories, a perfect match! The unicorn earplugs were a Christmas gift from my sister and I used them all winter. They were super cute and I wasn’t ashamed at all of wearing children earplugs because, let’s face it, one is never too old for fairy tales or unicorns!58nevertooold





In the second layout you can admire my super awesome strawberry earplugs. I love everything about strawberries, the taste of course and all the delicious recipes one can make, but also the shape, the color, the texture… I even dressed as a strawberry one carnival of many many years ago! So you can imagine my excitement when I found, in June, a set of strawberry earplugs! I had to have them! And they are perfect for summer!  For the layout I’ve used paper from Dear Lizzy’s Fine and Dandy collection plus some embellishments from Crate paper’s Journey and alphas from Maggie Holmes’ Confetti.55summervibes








After visiting Venice, I’ve made a quick tour of some nearby island, including Burano. Burano is truly wonderful: it’s a tiny fishermen village where each house is painted in a different bright color! There’s a hot pink house next to a green, next to a blue next to an orange! It’s so colorful and cheerful! Burano it’s also famous for its lace production, although I just walked around the channels and didn’t buy any lace.

I’ve made two layouts about Burano: the first one with Crate Paper’s Poolside collection (ah, those mason jars have my heart):53burano


And a second one inspired by Jot Magazine’s July’s moodboard:


When I saw the orange I immediately thought of that orange paper with writings in the old Shimelle collection: I have so much of that collection left including that orange sheet, which I loved but hadn’t found the right place yet. So what better occasion then this? The two blue papers are from Studio Calico and the embellishments from Shimelle and Crate Paper’s Journey.







Not a morning person


I’ve never been a morning person, in fact I’m one of those persons that when they wake up, they go looking for bath towels in the fridge and orange juice in the bathroom. Sometimes I keep sleeping in the shower. When I was a kid I went to school one day and I had PE as first class, I went to the changing room and when I started to undress I realized that I still had my pajamas on! I have so many stories to tell about (not) waking up: I’ve been struggling with mornings for the past 33 years and there is no way out. I’m just so glad that now I have a job that starts at 2pm, so I can wake up at my own pace and be alert and productive for the rest of the day (and part of the night of course). I’ve always been more alert and productive from late afternoon to early night: I used to study at night when I went to school or college and now… I scrap at night!

Supplies: background paper is from Crate Paper’s Poolside; arrow and orange paper, plus the pink alpha are from Amy Tangerine’s Rise and Shine; bits and pieces from Shimelle and Jillibean’s Raspberry Soup




Summer Manifesto 2015


To be honest I don’t like summer that much: my favorite season is autumn, I love everything about it, but summer really, it’s too hot and too sticky (this week we’ve had about 38°C/100°F with high humidity), and mosquitoes are eating me alive. I’m a lover of crispy air and fallen leaves. So I’ve decided to use scrapbooking as a therapy and make a little bucket list page to help me survive summer and also to help me enjoy it a little more. At the end of summer, or when my list will be completed, I’ll make a mini album to document it.

The list includes:

  • Visit Expo 2015
  • Take a train and spend a day at the lakes
  • Go often to the city park
  • Read a good number of books
  • Eat roasted corn
  • Visit the Da Vinci exhibition
  • Cook some summery cakes (something with berries seems a good choice)
  • Take some time everyday to feel grateful


For this page I’ve used the Summer Vibes collection by Simple Stories. This collection is already a good reason to love summer: I almost want to go to the beach just to take pictures to use with these papers… The blue tags are from an old Studio Calico kit.