After visiting Venice, I’ve made a quick tour of some nearby island, including Burano. Burano is truly wonderful: it’s a tiny fishermen village where each house is painted in a different bright color! There’s a hot pink house next to a green, next to a blue next to an orange! It’s so colorful and cheerful! Burano it’s also famous for its lace production, although I just walked around the channels and didn’t buy any lace.

I’ve made two layouts about Burano: the first one with Crate Paper’s Poolside collection (ah, those mason jars have my heart):53burano


And a second one inspired by Jot Magazine’s July’s moodboard:


When I saw the orange I immediately thought of that orange paper with writings in the old Shimelle collection: I have so much of that collection left including that orange sheet, which I loved but hadn’t found the right place yet. So what better occasion then this? The two blue papers are from Studio Calico and the embellishments from Shimelle and Crate Paper’s Journey.







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