An apple 8 meters tall


In the firsts days of May, when Expo Milano was inaugurated, I went, like a do everyday, to my city’s main piazza and stumbled into a … giant apple, 8 metres tall, all covered with grass, with a bite sewed back on with metal stitches, standing in the center of the square!  It was an installation by artist Michelangelo Pistoletto called ‘Third Paradise – The Reinstated Apple’; here’s the explanation in Pistoletto’s words: “The symbol of the apple traverses all of our history, starting from the bite, representing man’s departure from nature and the beginning of the artificial world. The Reintegrated Apple represents the entry into a new Era where artificial world and natural world reconnect producing a new planetary balance.” I really loved both the sculpture and the meaning so… it called for a scrapbook page… And then, a couple of weeks later I stumbled into another giant apple in the city park, this one covered with fabric! I’m really loving this apple treasure hunt! Also: my city is never boring!

I’ve made two layouts, one for each apple, both using the Enchanted collection by Simple Stories




And second:57apple2




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