About me

Hello, I’m Daniela.

I love all things crafty: I make some jewelry, sugar-craft, I used to do découpage and a little crochet. But what I love to do the most is playing with paper and glue. I’ve been scrapbooking for about three years now and I am truly addicted. To me scrapbooking is not only a lovely memory keeping tool, it also makes me appreciate my life more everyday!

I love all colors and I like to play with them, but if I really had to pick one I would choose red. Oh, did I mention I love glitter? And sequins and glossy accents and all things shiny…

My favorite social media, and inspiration source, is pinterest: if you go check my page you’ll see I pin a lot, like a lot a lot 😀

I also love to read, mostly fantasy and non-fiction, but I keep an open mind and jump from topic to topic, I like to learn new things and keep up to date. I love fairy tales and I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!

If you notice dark circles around my eyes, that’s because I usually give up sleep in favor of all the tv-series I watch, which are way more than a normal person should be watching at a time, but it’s not my fault: they keep making more pretty series every year and I don’t have a time turner!

English is not my first language, I apologize for all grammar mistakes you may find. Please, feel free to correct me, so I won’t be making the same mistake again (hopefully!)

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope I’ll see you soon for more glitter magic!




PS: The setting of this blog is still a work in progress, and considering my knowledge of coding, html, php, css, and all those things that look like the cat randomly walked on the keyboard, it will be a long one. I’ll add all the fancy things, as soon as I figure out how!

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