Finding forgotten items in my stash and a clock

Last week I was cleaning my room to make more space for scrapbook supplies. I went through my old decoupage stash and I gave away what I wouldn’t use anymore. But I’ve found a couple of interesting items (that i had forgotten of course: do you know when people say ”I can’t clean my room because I keep getting distracted by the cool stuff I find”, well, that’s me!) that could be recycled to use with scrapbooking paper. First of these is a clock base: Orologio1

I also had on my hands this clock paper from Echo Park Simple Life collection: and I thought it would be fun to put them together!

Here’s the finished clock and some details Orologio8

Orologio2 Orologio3 Orologio4Orologio0 Orologio5 Orologio6 Orologio7

And now I have a new clock for my room!

Other interesting items I found in my stash that I want to use with scrapbook paper are two sets of metal hangings for wind-chimes and a bag of mirror mosaic tiles! How am I going to use mirror files on a scrapbook page? Any ideas?