The X-Files new season


The X-Files has been my first favourite Tv-series, I was a teenager when it was running and I grew up watching it, and when in March Fox announced  a new season, after 13 years, I was over the moon! It will be only six episodes but I’m looking forward to it! In the meantime I’ve started a rewatch of the old seasons which inspired me this page.

Supplies are from a mix of Studio Calico kits





Confessions of a binge-watcher


You all know I’m a TV-series addict, so you won’t be surprised by the theme of my new minibook. It’s structured like a book with three chapters, each one representing one stage of becoming an addict (1:getting started; 2: when you lose track of all the TV-series you watch; 3: When you really need help) I included a few of my favourite pins about binge-watching (that you can find here) and a mini booklet with posters of my all time favourite TV-series. I think it’s fun and unusual, and I really enjoyed making it!  Papers and embellishments are all My mind’s eye Market Street collection.

If you click on the first image you can see it larger as a slide-show!

Premiere Week

This layout features my avatar from the Bitstrips app. This app makes daily comic strips with you and your friends as characters. As you can see, even digital me likes to binge-watch, the only difference is that I would stock on redbull and not coffee… For this page I’ve used paper from the We Are Family collection by Echo Park and a strip of gold glittery Christmas wrapping paper!# premiere week 27premieredet3 27premieredet4 27premieredet1 27premieredet2


I’m also working on a mini album about TV series addiction, I don’t know yet how that will turn out to be 🙂  Who else is watching too many TV series?

What I’m watching this fall

Now that the new tv-series season has started, I’ve finally made up my own palimpsest. The week is busy as usual, although I still have a little spot on Saturday. Any suggestions?

Palinsesto What are you watching this fall?